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Ken Pratt

Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Events

Ken has been involved in marketing since the early 90s when he left his teaching job for international students in San Francisco. Since that time, he’s served mostly in education doing marketing-related work with educational publishers, web startups, education technology companies and educational associations. His primary area of interest is using all types of tools and resources to engage people. While tired of the gazillion emails he gets every day, he’s captivated by the creative ways that organizations and companies use technology to connect and engage with those interested in their work. Ken is also quite entertained by a good commercial or ad in a magazine.

Ken joined Wycliffe in 2013 as VP for Marketing and served in that role until 2015 when he and his family relocated to Philadelphia. With many close personal friends deeply connected to Bible translation, Ken has never veered far from the mission or the people. In 2022, Ken returned to Wycliffe as VP for Marketing, Communications and Events, where he’s excited to serve in this role and bring additional marketing and leadership experience to the Bible translation movement.

Ken and his wife, Wendy, live in Orlando and have four adult children and one brand new son-in-law (who is much better at golf than he is).


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