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Join Us for 12 Days of Christmas Around the World!

A look at how 12 different countries celebrate Christmas for kids and families.

  • November 30, 2016
Kate and Mack in a snowy landscape

We’re excited to share with you our free “12 Days of Christmas” activity packet! This year, Kate and Mack are taking kids on a trip around the world to learn about 12 different countries’ Christmas traditions and celebrations, and you don’t want to miss it! Kids will travel to countries like Lithuania, Puerto Rico or New Zealand learning about the way each culture celebrates Christmas. They’ll also get to make cool crafts and delicious recipes, and most importantly be reminded of the reason why we celebrate Christmas — Jesus is born!

Want to see a teaser of the activity? Download the first day’s activity to learn how Nigeria celebrates Christmas.

Come travel the world with us, right from your own home. “12 Days of Christmas” is something the whole family can enjoy, and you’ll all learn something new. Sign up today