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Kate & Mack’s Pocket Change Challenge

Pocket change can make a difference in kids’ lives around the world.

  • July 27, 2017

Pocket change. You probably have some in your wallet or purse, maybe sitting on a tray at home or even stored up in a jar. So often it just sits there, unused and forgotten.

No longer! Pocket change is a great and easy tool for kids to make a difference for other kids around the world. “Kate & Mack’s Pocket Change Challenge” encourages kids to save up their unused pocket change (or rather, your unused pocket change) to help other kids around the world learn how to read and write for themselves.

It’s easy to forget that not everyone knows how to read or write. After all, it’s a fairly standard skill in Western countries. But many kids — and even their parents — living in different countries haven’t had the opportunity to learn how to read or write for themselves. Your pocket change can help change that!

In this activity, you’ll learn more about the Pocket Change Challenge and how your kids (and maybe even your whole family!) can get involved in making a difference in kids’ lives all around the world. 

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