Teach Your Kids to Be Heroes for Jesus! | Wycliffe Bible Translators

Teach Your Kids to Be Heroes for Jesus!

A lesson for kids about how God can use anyone for his glory.

  • May 30, 2017
Heroes from the Bible

If your kids are like many, there’s probably a time where they’ve wished (or even pretended!) to be a superhero. Can you blame them? Superheroes often exhibit the characteristics we want to live out ourselves — honor, morality, integrity, conviction and more. And don’t forget the physical characteristics that superheroes often have too, like the ability to fly, read minds or run through walls.

Well guess what? Your kids can be superheroes! It doesn’t take super strength, invisibility or even speed to be a superhero — there’s something (or rather, someone) else that can help them be a hero. As a parent, caregiver or even older sibling, you know who that someone is. But kids might not, and it’s an important lesson to teach them.

Grab your kids and come explore a couple different heroes from the Bible with us! Then have them take a moment to think of a hero they know (maybe from the Bible, history or someone in their life) and write or draw what they think makes that person a hero. After all, we can all be heroes, right? Heroes for Jesus! 

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