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Travel Around the World This Easter With Your Family

  • February 28, 2022
Mack peeking into the scene of the empty tomb where Jesus was raised from the dead

Have you ever wondered how different cultures celebrate Easter? Now is your chance to learn and explore different Easter traditions from around the world!

Whether you have 10 minutes or a few weeks, we have activities that can help you and your family reflect on the importance of Easter — Jesus’ resurrection — while also learning about how this wonderful holiday is celebrated around the world.

Easter Around the World With Kate & Mack

Visit Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Pacific in this free PDF! With fun facts, activities, Scripture reading and family discussions, “Easter Around the World With Kate & Mack” will help prepare your heart and mind for Easter while also helping you learn about different Easter traditions from around the world.

Kate & Mack’s Easter Countdown

Sometimes Easter seems to sneak up on us since we’re busy with school, life, work and activities that fill our calendars. But Jesus’ resurrection fulfilled so many of the promises God made to us in the Bible; Easter is an important day for us to remember In “Kate & Mack’s Easter Countdown,” mix and match seven different activities — ranging from coloring to baking to reading Scripture — as you and your family get ready to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

Make an Easter Tree

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that can have a beautifully decorated tree! In this activity, make an Easter tree decorated with egg-shaped ornaments that you cut out, color and decorate with various “Jesus is ______” statements to remind you about who Jesus is — our resurrected Lord and Savior!

Make a Guyanese Easter Kite

In Guyana, people celebrate Easter by making kites. The kites are different sizes, patterns and colors, and in Guyana you’ll see lots of them flying around — especially on Easter Monday. Gather your family together and decorate your own kite in this printable Easter kite activity.

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