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Corporate Matching Gifts

A great way to double your donation in support of Bible translation!

Would you like to double the impact of your gift?

One of the smartest ways to do that is by giving through a Corporate Matching Gifts program.

Many corporations match the gifts of employees, and possibly those of spouses and retirees. Some will even match volunteer hours. Companies typically match the amount after a gift is made, but it is wise to begin the application promptly. Some employers will even set up automatic matching for repeating gifts.

That means your gift — whether to Wycliffe’s Worldwide Projects Fund, a specific project or to a missionary of your choice — may have double the impact, just by seeing if your company will match your gift, dollar for dollar.

Here’s some additional information on Corporate Matching Gifts:

          Wycliffe Bible Translators
          Corporate Matching Gifts
          PO Box 628200, Orlando, FL 32862

Do not hesitate to contact your employer to ask whether a gift to Wycliffe can be matched. For other questions, you may contact Wycliffe at or call 1-800-992-5433.

Click here to view the Corporate Matching Gifts FAQ.