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Perspectives, Fall Semester 2022

In Cities across the USA

Partake in God’s global mission for all nations to know him.

Have you ever looked at missions around the world and asked yourself, “How can I practically fit into something that is this important to God’s heart?” Maybe you have spent time trying to figure out what God’s vision is for your life. Or perhaps you’re already invested in global missions but are wondering how you can gain even more insight into God’s heart and his work in the world.

The Perspectives course might help you discover the answers to some of your questions. Fifteen lessons have been designed specifically to explore the importance of global mission work, so you can expect to:

  • Learn bold, deep truths about God and his Word, understand the historical context of the Christian movement, discuss pioneers of faith and culture and more!
  • Be inspired and encouraged by hearing personal stories and experiences from speakers  including those from Wycliffe  who will share the importance of kingdom work and global missions.
  • Be able to hear, firsthand, the magnitude and scope of what God is doing in the hearts of people all around the world.

What are you waiting for? 

WHEN: Fall classes start in August & September, 2022
WHERE: In Cities all around the USA!

Check it out—the First Night is Free! Anyone may come to the first night of a class without having to register. You will have the opportunity to register to continue after that.

Note: Check the Perspectives website for online and virtual classes that are being offered as well.

Visitors welcome: Many classes that are underway may welcome you as a visitor on a certain night or to hear a certain instructor including those from Wycliffe. (Be sure to check with the coordinator for their approval before you show up!)

Find a Perspectives class in your area today!