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Jatiya found purpose when he encountered God through his Word You can help people find purpose through translated Scripture

Binsa, who lives in South Asia, had grown cold in her faith. She regularly attended church gatherings, but her heart was far from God.

Then one day, a woman from Binsa’s community shared a powerful story from the Gospel of John. It was the touching account of Mary Magdalene meeting the risen Jesus outside of his empty tomb. When Binsa heard the story, a light came on in her heart. “I realized that Jesus Christ is the real, Almighty God who is alive!” she said. “And I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior.”

Binsa is like many people who deeply connect with stories and proverbs that are shared aloud. Today, language teams in South Asia and around the world are translating more of the Bible’s powerful stories. They’re also training a host of storytellers who can faithfully share these stories with their communities.

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