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Jatiya found purpose when he encountered God through his Word You can help people find purpose through translated Scripture

Jatiya lives in South Asia where he was raised to follow his country’s majority religion. As a teenager, he attended a boarding school where he discovered drugs and developed a substance abuse disorder. He felt his only escape was to take his own life.

“I felt I was unworthy for anything and my life was useless,” he said. While Jatiya was in the midst of his despair, he attended a church gathering. During the service, Jatiya heard God’s Word shared clearly in his language. In that moment, the Holy Spirit gave him, “the wisdom to receive the salvation that comes by trusting in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 3:15, NLT).

“I realized that I’m a sinner and I need forgiveness,” he said. “This realization completely changed my perspective. …” That’s when Jatiya turned away from substance abuse and despair, and he turned toward freedom and joy in Christ!

But God wasn’t finished working in Jatiya’s heart. “I became burdened for the [Bible translation] ministry and went to Bible college,” he said. Eventually, Jatiya joined the local translation team. He is passionate about Bible translation because he has experienced the power of God’s Word in his own life. Jatiya wants everyone to have the same opportunity to hear from God and join him in following Jesus.

There are many more people like Jatiya in South Asia who are still waiting for God’s Word in their language. Please prayerfully consider a gift to help local translation teams translate the gospel, help equip the local church to use translated Scripture and help provide print, audio and video recordings in local languages.

You are a vital partner in helping people experience the power of God’s Word. Ultimately more people will encounter Jesus and find purpose through a clear understanding of Scripture because of your generosity!


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