God changed Jagorath’s life when he clearly understood Scripture | Wycliffe Bible Translators
Jatiya found purpose when he encountered God through his Word You can help people find purpose through translated Scripture

Jagorath lives in a South Asian region where Christianity is the minority. His journey to faith in Christ began when he was invited to an event organized by the local Bible translation team.

At the event, Jagorath was given a New Testament and a copy of the Pentateuch — the first five books of the Old Testament — which had recently been translated in his language. When Jagorath took the Scriptures home and read them with his family, he was surprised by how simple it was to understand God’s Word.

“Young and old will be able to read and understand [the Scriptures] quite easily,” he said.

A short time later, a translation team member asked Jagorath what he thought about God’s Word. Jagorath responded, “My life and my family have been affected by this so much. Now we know about God and the truth. And best of all, you told us about Jesus.”

Today Jagorath and his entire family are following Jesus, and it started when someone like you helped to translate God’s Word in their language. Now Jagorath’s family is hungry for more Scripture.

“I also would like to request that if there is any other book [of the Bible that] you translate in [my] language, kindly bring us a copy of that as well,” Jagorath asked. Will you respond to Jagorath’s request to have more of God’s life-changing words?

Help the translation team in South Asia complete the entire Bible in Jagorath’s language.

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