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Aboure 2

Making more of the New Testament available

Aboure 2

Project Description

Abouré Christians are hearing the Word of God in their language for the first time.

Local translators recently completed the Gospel of Luke, which is now being used in worship services. This has opened the door for believers to better grasp what it means to follow Jesus.

But for the team to meet their next goals, they need your help. 

Your partnership will fuel the team’s efforts in this three-year project, which will see the three remaining Gospel accounts translated, along with Acts and Romans.

Matthew, John and Acts will be made available in print, and Acts will be produced in audio format as well.

Local pastors are also eager to have the “JESUS” film in Abouré. Based on the book of Luke, the drama provides a compelling introduction to the person and work of Christ.

In addition, staff will continue an existing literacy program, equipping new readers and teachers through regular training workshops.

Your prayers and gifts will help this community gain access to more of the New Testament in their language!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.