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Avokaya 2

Translating more Old Testament Scripture

Avokaya 2

Project Description

The trials that took them far from home brought them closer to God.

Over the last few decades, civil unrest has forced many Avokaya families to flee their lands. Some have gone to Juba, South Sudan’s capital. Others have found refuge in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or Uganda.

Every place they’ve settled, a church congregation has sprung up.

In the midst of suffering, Avokaya Christians have sought to worship the Lord and study his Word. Initially they had only a few portions of Scripture in their language. But as time passed, additional books were translated and quickly put to use by believers.

Today, the entire New Testament and some Old Testament portions are available and widely shared. Even in the refugee camps, translated Scripture is regularly taught and distributed.

Still, Avokaya Christians long to have access to all of God’s Word.

In this project, the local translation team plans to produce more Old Testament Scripture in Avokaya. They’ll complete work on eight books, publishing them in print and audio formats. They’ll also make progress on another 14 books 

Your prayers and gifts will help the Avokaya experience God’s Word in a language that touches their hearts!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.