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GENAAT Cluster

Translating New Testament portions into five languages

GENAAT Cluster

Project Description

“The availability of God’s Word in the people’s heart languages will be one of the indispensable factors that will bring many to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ,” a project adviser said.

We’re working with local teams to translate Scripture into the GENAAT Cluster languages! The acronym “GENAAT” represents five Nigerian people groups — Gwandara, Eloyi, Numana, Alago and Arumu-Tesu.

In this three-year project, two Gospel accounts will be completed by each team. The first will be the book of Matthew, which traces Jesus’ lineage starting with Abraham — the patriarch of three major world religions. Once complete, it will be made available in audio format.

Second, the Gospel of Luke will be translated into Gwandara, Eloyi, Numana and Arumu-Tesu. Because this book has already been translated by the Alago team, they will instead work on the Gospel of John.

Eleven other New Testament books, including Acts and several epistles, will be produced by each team. 

Staff members also plan to craft Scripture stories about Creation, the Fall of man and Jonah.

Your prayers and gifts will help the people of the GENAAT Cluster gain access to Scripture in languages that speak to their hearts!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.