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Isinay 2

Translating four New Testament books into their language

Isinay 2

Project Description

They made history.

In order to accomplish the task of Bible translation, the Isinay team had needed a process well-suited for them as oral communicators, since Isinay people prefer spoken over written communication.

Their advisers and partners proposed a solution: the team could complete the work with Render, software made specifically for oral Bible translation. And so, in 2018, the Isinay translators became the first-ever Filipino team to use this cutting-edge technology.

They began by producing the Gospel of Luke. Although the team encountered challenges along the way, their efforts have been bearing fruit.

“People are so happy to hear the Word of God in their language,” one translator said. Still, he and his teammates recognize their work is far from over. Now they are eager to publish more of the New Testament — Matthew, Mark, John and Acts.

Will you partner with them?

Your prayers and gifts will help the Isinay people encounter God’s life-changing Word in a language they clearly understand.  


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.