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Lutos 2

Completing the New Testament

Lutos 2

Project Description

Where is God?

That’s a question many Lutos people ask. They believe in a supreme god known as Nubha, and turn to creation to find him. For example, a Lutos hunter might spend a night under a tree, thinking that it’s a manifestation of Nubha that will protect him from danger. Others may offer sacrifices to the mountains.

But now that the New Testament is being translated into Lutos, people can encounter the one true God through his Word!

Using Scripture published previously, church leaders are eagerly sharing the gospel message in any way they can — including during small group discussions.

“Thanks to this activity, we understand very well the message that God has sent us for eternal life,” a community member said after attending one such study.

Still, as the Lutos begin to learn more about God, they’ll need additional Scripture to grow in faith.

Much of the New Testament has already been completed. In this project, staff will finish work on the remaining 15 books. Then they’ll review and typeset the entire New Testament.

Your prayers and gifts will help Lutos speakers experience Scripture in a language they clearly understand!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.