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Ngungwel 2

Producing New Testament portions

Ngungwel 2

Project Description

Sorcery tore the family apart. What was once a loving unit was now full of suspicion and riddled with accusations of curses. There had even been attempts at murder among them.

For the Ngungwel Bible translation team, circumstances like these were part of the reason they’d taken up the work. “Such a family needs the Scriptures in order to be reconciled by learning to love each other unconditionally,” a staff member said.

Although most Ngungwel identify as Christians, traditional practices persist in the community and often lead to division. Even so, the situation is far from hopeless.

In recent years, portions of New Testament Scripture have been translated and shared. Booklets and audio recordings of Old Testament stories have also become popular.

Now the Ngungwel are hungry for more of God’s Word in their language.

During this project, the team will publish eight epistles and the Gospel of Matthew in print and audio formats. They’ll also draft the Gospel of John. In addition, they plan to complete a visual dictionary to aid in Bible study.

Your prayers and gifts will help Ngungwel speakers engage with Scripture in a language and form they clearly understand!


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.