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Tuki 4

Completing the Tuki New Testament

Tuki 4

Project Description

Things looked good on the surface.

On a typical Sunday morning, Tuki church services were full. People greeted each other, sang hymns and listened to the pastor’s sermon. Yet some of the congregants’ hearts were far from God. Despite their regular church attendance, a number of them were continuing to practice traditional religion. The process of breaking away from what they’d known all their lives was extremely difficult. 

For many years, genuine Christians among the Tuki were few and far between. But praise God! Local leaders now estimate that 60% of the population truly follow Jesus.

What changed? People gained access to Scripture in their language.

Tuki Bible translators are delighted by how God’s Word has touched lives in their communities. But they know the work isn’t finished. In this project, they’ll complete and publish the 14 remaining New Testament books.

As a project leader declared: “The Scriptures taking root in the hearts of the people is what’s needed to bring about real change.”

Your prayers and gifts will help the Tuki people to encounter God through his Word and be transformed. 


Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.