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Eight Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Living Generously

  • October 12, 2017
  • By: Stephanie Hills
girl making heart symbol with hands, looking at sunrise

Generous living is about seeing our entire lives as belonging to God. It’s about realizing we serve a God who loved us so much that he gave us the ultimate gift — his own Son. It’s only because he lives in us that can we reflect that love-motivated generosity.

Get creative with your giving this fall, and reap the benefit of knowing you’re demonstrating God’s love and investing in his mission for the world. Here are eight ideas to get you started!

  • 1. Shop or search with a purpose.

    person shopping on laptop in city apartment

    Did you know your online purchases could benefit one of your favorite causes? Check out Amazon Smile or GoodShop, select a charity from among their list and start doing good while shopping.

    Web searches are also a great opportunity to donate effortlessly while surfing online. With GoodSearch, you can raise a penny every time you use the search engine.

  • 2. Buy mission-filled products.

    shop door with open sign

    Enjoy knowing your favorite pair of shoes not only gets you where you need to go, but also makes a difference in the world? Do a quick web search for generous companies — many donate a percentage of their profits or give an equivalent gift for each product you purchase.

  • 3. Give stock.

    Wall Street sign

    Now may be the perfect time to use your stock to do good! A gift of non-cash assets like appreciated securities (e.g., stocks, bonds, mutual funds) is a tax-wise way to live generously.

  • 4. Donate unneeded items.

    clothes hanging in closet and storage trunk

    If you’re upgrading your phone or cleaning out your closet and kitchen, think twice before tossing these items!

    • Your local food pantry or homeless shelter may appreciate receiving donations of gently loved clothes and nonperishable food. Check out FoodPantries.org to find a food bank near you.

    • Smartphones, laptops and tablets can benefit organizations that turn tech into gifts toward their cause. You might consider Wycliffe when donating previous model smartphones — your tech upgrade can help more people gain access to God’s Word in their own language. Visit wycliffe.org/gifts-in-kind for more info.

    • 5. Take advantage of IRA rollovers.

      Elder smiling couple

      Did you know you can give directly to charity from your IRA? If you’re age 70 1/2 or older, you can “love your neighbor” through an IRA charitable rollover. This giving method may even allow you to make significant charitable gifts beyond what you could with your checkbook!

      Get in touch with your IRA plan administrator to learn more, and know that Wycliffe gift planning advisors are also available to help you.

    • 6. Donate your spare time.

      person standing in fall leaves

      Donate your time and make a difference in your community. Start by asking your local church or charity how you can serve. You’ll demonstrate care, get to know others in your community and further the mission of your local organization.

    • 7. Pray!

      girl seated with praying hands

      Prayer is one of the best ways to demonstrate love for people. Today, ask a friend how you can pray for them, then listen well. To remember their prayer needs, post a sticky note on your mirror or create a reminder on your calendar or phone.

      Would you like helpful resources and reminders to pray for those who are still waiting for God’s Word? Sign up for prayer emails by visiting wycliffe.org/prayer/join-prayer.

    • 8. Browse a different kind of catalog.


      The Wycliffe Gift Catalog is the perfect resource for learning more about what God is doing around the world — not to mention a fun way to invest in the work by choosing your favorite items to give! Check out wycliffe.org/giftcatalog to browse gifts or request a catalog. Then gather your friends or family and enjoy knowing this kind of catalog shopping will impact lives for eternity.