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Missionary Login Help

Access Your Personal Account

If you’re a Wycliffe missionary, we already have a user account waiting for you! To access the account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Recover Password Page, enter your Wycliffe/JAARS/SIL/TSCO email address and hit “Send.”
  2. Open the email we will send you, and click the link.
  3. Create your new password and log in!

If the system doesn’t recognize your email address, please reference step five in the personal missionary page setup instructions.

Set Up Your Personal Missionary Page

If you would like to set up a personal missionary page, we’ve provided easy, step-by-step instructions for you. Download the personal missionary page setup instructions to get you started.

Having problems? Please call the Contact Center at 800-992-5433 or send us an e-mail at