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Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs)

Efficient, Fearless and Tailored to You!

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs), also known as e-checks, simplify your giving, while increasing support for the Wycliffe ministries you care about most. By setting up an e-check through your Wycliffe.org account you can adjust your giving as needed — add or remove gifts, change their frequency, and keep up-to-date on your donation history. Greater flexibility and control means you can donate to Wycliffe with confidence.

Are e-checks safe?

When you donate through an e-check, your donation goes directly to the payment processor. This means that Wycliffe never sees your full bank account number, only the last four digits. Also, Wycliffe will send you a notification email every time a gift from your account is processed, giving you assurance that your donations are arriving when you want them to and being sent where you want them to go. You can rest easy, knowing that your information is safe and secure.

Why are e-checks the better way to pay?

Fee Elimination: While Wycliffe doesn’t charge you a fee, credit and debit card companies will charge Wycliffe a fee in order to process your donation via their card. By giving through an e-check, the money comes directly from your bank account and there is no processing fee. That means more of your donation will go directly for the project or member ministry that you are giving to.

Faster Processing: E-checks are payable immediately. Once you donate through an e-check, Wycliffe can process the donation and send you an e-receipt right away. Meanwhile, a regular check will take time to arrive through the mail and be processed. If you aren’t signed up for e-receipts, it takes additional time for you to receive the receipt through the mail.

Greater Efficiency: By setting up the e-check in your Wycliffe.org account, you are eliminating room for confusion and errors. You will have complete control over how much, how often and where your donations go. This ensures that your donations are having the greatest impact.

How do I set up an e-check?

On Wycliffe.org you can select the projects and/or member ministries you would like to donate to and add them to your cart. When checking out you will first need to either login to your account through the “login” button on the top right of the screen or create an account. Then select “e-check” as your payment method. Instead of filling in your credit/debit card information, you will be asked to complete your bank information. Finally select for your gift to be processed. In your account under the “My Giving” tab, you will be able to see a list of your giving history, adjust recurring gifts and view your annual electronic receipt.

If you ever have any questions about this giving opportunity, we are available to answer them at 1-800-992-5433 or eft_orlando@wycliffe.org.