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Print Scripture to Share Hope!

Thank you for being a part of Wycliffe’s 2022 Giving Tuesday campaign! Because of your generosity, we were able to raise $52,117 to support the Murle translation project.

Please continue to pray for the Murle people as more translated Scripture becomes available and takes root in their hearts and homes.

Prayer points:

  • The Murle people would break away from the strongholds of traditional religion and come to know Jesus through his Word.
  • Murle believers would grow in their faith as they interact with Scripture in their language.
  • Economic stability and provision for the Murle.
  • Health, strength and safety for the Murle translation team and their families so they can continue to make timely progress on the Old Testament books.
  • Translation team members would continue to live out biblical teachings in their daily lives.

The Murle people need the truth of Scripture in their language.

The Murle people living in South Sudan face many hardships, including civil unrest and economic uncertainty. More than half of the Murle still follow traditional religion with many trusting in local healers instead of God.

To help the Murle better understand God’s truth and find hope in the midst of their struggles, they need more Scripture in a language they clearly understand.

Translated Scripture portions are already impacting the Murle.

“I am now seeing the true light from the Word of God in my own language,” said Simon, a Murle translator.

Scripture passages in Murle resonate deeply with Simon. And because the translation is clear and easy to understand, he often shares what he’s learning with friends and family.

Other members of the translation team have encountered God through the translated Murle Scripture as well. “We have experienced the Lord’s healing grace in our families and provision and growth in our spiritual lives,” a Murle translator said.

But the Murle people are hungry for even more of God’s Word in a language they clearly understand.

So far, the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament have been translated. But Murle church leaders and the translation team would like to translate and publish 13 additional Old Testament books. They hope to do this within the next two years in order to see an even greater impact in the Murle community.

You can partner with the Murle translation team.

Your gift will empower the Murle translation team to translate and publish Scripture in both print and audio formats, bringing God’s Word to life for the Murle community.

Because of a special matching gift, all Giving Tuesday donations for the Murle translation will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000!

This is an Ongoing Need

Yes, I want to give today to ensure that the Murle people receive God’s Word!