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Print Scripture to Share Hope!

Thank you for being a part of Wycliffe’s 2021 Giving Tuesday campaign! Because of your generosity, we were able to raise $53,074 to support the Sambla translation project.

Please keep this people group in your prayers as the translated Scripture becomes available and takes root in their hearts and homes.

Prayer points:

  • Many Sambla people would break away from the strongholds of traditional religion and come to know Jesus through his Word.
  • Sambla believers would grow in their faith as they interact with Scripture in their language.
  • Health, strength and safety for the Sambla translation team and their families so they can focus and continue to make timely progress on the New Testament.
  • Translation team members would continue to put what they learn from the Bible into practice in their own lives.
  • Sambla people would use Scripture in their daily lives.

The Sambla people need Scripture in their language.

Although the Sambla people of Burkina Faso were introduced to Christianity by missionaries in the mid-1950s, the majority of the population still adhere to a traditional religion. They live under the influence of fear and superstitions, and look to spiritual guides and amulets for protection from bad omens and witchcraft.

They need the hope and reassurance that come from the gospel message — but it’s not yet available in Sambla.

The first books of God’s Word in Sambla are being translated.

The translation team is at work translating the very first books of Scripture into Sambla: Matthew, Mark and Luke. When the Sambla have these portions available in a language they understand, they’ll finally get to know Jesus through his Word.

The team members know firsthand the difference that translated Scripture will make in their community. Sambla translator Eugene Traore said, “We, as translators, are blessed every day, through every verse we translate, as our understanding of the passage deepens.”

Believers in the Sambla community are eager to have God’s Word in their language, and local pastors see the translated Scripture as both an opportunity for Christians to grow in their faith, and an evangelism tool to reach those who don’t yet know Jesus.

You can partner with the Sambla translation team.

Your gift will empower the Sambla translation team to translate and publish Scripture in both print and audio formats. You’ll help bring God’s Word to life for the Sambla community. And ultimately, your generosity means that more people will have the opportunity to experience Christ through Scripture in a language that speaks to their hearts.

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